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Vic Mazziotti

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GIR LLC Registered Investment Advisor
GIR LLC Registered Investment Advisor

A Fee-Only Investment Advisor

Registered in Pennsylvania


 We provide investment advice to individuals and households.  Our fees are based on the assets under management, or as an option, a fixed monthly fee.  We do not sell investment products and we do not receive commissions from any other firms.  Our only responsibility is to our clients.


Vic Mazziotti is the President of GIR LLC.

How do we add value to your investments?


 An investment advisor adds value by provides advice in the creation of a portfolio of investments customized to your goals and needs and then provdes the discipline needed to maintain your position to reach your objectives. 


A good investment advisor is not a stock picker.   A good investment advisor will analyze your circumstances, create an investment strategy and recommend a portfolio that is right for you.  They also act as a behavioral coach to keep you focused on your objectives.

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