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Vic Mazziotti

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GIR LLC Registered Investment Advisor
GIR LLC Registered Investment Advisor

GIR LLC: Our Only Responsibility is to You

When it comes to investing, trust is key.  That is why GIR LLC places particular value on personal relationships with our customers. We view ourselves as your partner, and nothing is more important to us than our reputation.

A Closer Look at GIR LLC:


Our Philosophy


  • Cost is important. 
  • You can not control investment returns, but you can control cost.  Every dollar you pay in fees is a   dollar less  in earnings for you.  Some investment advisor charge an annual fee as high as 1.5% or more and then invest your assets in actively managed mutual funds with management fees of 1% or more, for a total of 2.5% or more in annual fees.  Our goal is to limit total fees to 1% or less.  This annual difference of 1.5% can result in increased returns for you $100,000s in the long run.
  • Competence
    Our advisors undergo regular training to maintain a high level of competence in their respective areas of expertise in order to achieve the highest standards you deserve.
  • Independence
    We act independently from banks and other financial service providers. The only courses of action we will pursue are ones that are well-suited to the individual goals of the customer.
  • Personal service and support
    Individualized service and support of our customers are of paramount importance at our firm. We offer custom-tailored financial solutions designed to meet your financial goals. Your objectives matter most.


Vic Mazziotti


Vic served as the chief finance office of a number of organizations with annual budget ranging from $5 million to $350 million.  He has also served on the retirement boards of three organization with investments ranging from $125 million to $400 million.


Vic educational background include a B. S. degree in accounting, a Master of Public Administration and many courses in finance and personal financial planning.



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